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THE WHITE ROOM (2022) Dr. Jason Schell and his ex-wife Margot recently lost their daughter to a drug overdose. In an effort to overcome his own grief, Jason develops a psychedelic treatment which gives him the opportunity to visit the memory of his daughter in a controlled environment. After making his discovery, he begins offering treatment to others who lost loved ones, promising the chance to say goodbye on their own terms.

Starring David Beatty, Maite Garcia, Steph Martinez, Julie Phillips, Chelsea Alden, April Nelson, Emerson Niemchick, Whit Spurgeon, Jacob Siedman, Gerry Katzman and Natasha Behnam.

Written and Created by David Beatty

Coming Soon

DRIP (2021) How far would you go to get a good night's sleep? 

Created in association with JUST SCARE ME, this horror inspired short was shot in collaboration with Ryan Joseph Murphy and Julie Phillips. A story that begins with simple sounds that wake you up in the middle of the night becomes a dark comedy that ends with... whoops.. sorry.. no spoilers! 

Starring Julie Phillips 

Created by Ryan Joseph Murphy

and David Beatty 

I AM AND I WILL  (2020) Music Video for Severin Browne off his latest album "Overdue"  

Cinematography and Editing by David Beatty

Directed by Melinda Browne

Skeleton Love (2020) follows the lonely love story between a man and his skeleton. 

Created during the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown, it is not only a reflection of how to spend your time when isolated in quarantine, but also mirrors the fear, loneliness and eventual acceptance of death at your doorstep. 


Written and Created by David Beatty 

The Wasteland (2018-2020)  Is a future dystopian world where government and technology has taken over our lives. In this sci-fi anthology series, synthetic humanoids live and work together with natural born humans in a society manipulated and controlled by a governing entity known as The State. Three seasons and fifteen episodes make up the world inspired by stories from TS Eliot, Ray Bradbury, Margaret Atwood and Isaac Asimov. 

Written and Created by David Beatty

RUDE (2019)  A quiet and socially awkward introvert finds his life turned upside down when a loud and gregarious homeless man invades his favorite lunch spot and opens up about his sex life.

Starring David Beatty and Jeff Elam

Written by Jason Lesner

Directed by Ambika Leigh

LUCK  (2018)  After hours in a hotel restaurant, a woman confronts her abusive boyfriend and an exchange of seemingly polite conversation turns deadly asking the question; how far will you go to get what you want?

Starring Amy Schumacher, David Beatty, Lynette Coll and Whit Spurgeon

Written and Directed by Krista Amigone

The Learning Curve (2018-2019) is a ridiculous, yet semi-intelligent report on topics of the day with a satirical edge. Each episode reeks of faux news, lampooning everything from self help to cryogenics to crappy teachers. Despite the fragrant humor, the series actually manages to give profound insight from time to time.

Written and Performed by David Beatty.

The Human Project (2017) is an award winning short about two estranged siblings who begin a journey of self discovery when the recent death of their father unites them. 

I am extremely grateful to Chelsea Alden for making this movie happen. There is magic, truth and beauty in this film and if there is only one thing you watch on this page, let it be this.

Starring Chelsea Alden and David Beatty.

Written by David Beatty

Directed by K. Spencer Jones

Cannibal Katie (2017) was made for the Collaboration Film Challenge in Los Angeles, which means we had two weeks to write, shoot and edit. If you are unfamiliar with CFC, I suggest checking it out. It's an incredible community of filmmakers and a wonderfully inspiring challenge to make a film in 14 days.

Directed by Kari Lane

Written and edited by David Beatty

Get Spy (2015-2016) is a comedy series set in a world of amateur spies and low budget espionage where global crisis is never an issue. However, the stakes are always high for these minor league secret agents as they battle for life and death to discover who has what it takes to Get Spy! 

Directed by Lorin Davis

Written and Created by David Beatty.

You and Me Now (2014) is a short film about a woman who conspires to kill her husband and run off with her lover. 

Written and Created by David Beatty.

Starring Chelsea Alden, Benjamin Burt and David Beatty. 

Two Girls One Peter (2013) follows a reality TV star as he attempts to date two women at the same time.

This was a fun collaboration with an incredibly talented cast of actors. 

Starring TJ Marchbank, Kate Mines, Aaron Ramzi, Paul Romero, Sarah Sweet, Ruby Hanger and Joe Calarco. 

Written by TJ Marchbank 

Directed & Edited by David Beatty

THE CHAIR (2013) In the city of Los Angeles, a young couple finds a 'free chair' on the side of the road and takes it home.

Director Nino Mancuso held the camera and the boom pole at the same time! And for those who are curious... Yes. The trailer is the movie. 

Starring Sarah Sweet and David Beatty

Directed by Nino Mancuso

Lien on Me (2010-2011) a 12 episode comedy webseries that follows the lives of a quirky and off-beat Columbus family who must  learn to survive a staggering economy before they lose their home, their friends and possibly even their lives.

Created by Nino Mancuso, Ammar Ramzi and David Beatty.

Surviving New Year's (2008) is David Beatty's feature film  debut and follows the lives of 12 friends over the course of a one New Year's Party. "Director David Beatty delivers an uncharacteristically smart comedy with surprising dramatic turns, avoiding cliches and excellent performances across the board. An encouraging sign for the potential of low-budget digital video movie making" - Amazon  Review

Created and Directed by David Beatty.

The Seed Perfection (2005) is an allegorical tale about humankind's connection to Mother Earth and the symbiotic relationship we have with her.

"Based on Walt Whitman's poem 'Song of the Universal' this short film forces a challenging parable to see beyond our perviously conceived responsibility to care for the planet"  - OC Register


Written and Created by David Beatty

Whole$ale (2001) is inspired and adapted from the short story "We can get them for you Wholesale" by Neil Gaiman and follows Peter Pinter a mild-mannered city-dweller who finds his fiancée unfaithful, and in the spirit of revenge searches the phone book for an assassin. To his surprise the company offers special deals and discounts for large orders. Peter happens to be a sucker for bargains, and soon finds himself in over his head.

Created by David Beatty 

Cardinal Red (1999) is about an old gangster who wants his money back from a low rent criminal - Based on an old Chinese folktale about the myth of Pangu, born inside an egg, broke it into two halves, separated Yin from yang with his giant axe creating the earth and the sky. 

Written and Created by David Beatty

Turning Starlite  (1999) is a surrealist comedy-drama about Alan Carnagie, a down on his luck writer trying to finish his latest book while overwhelmed by his love life.

Inspired by Fellini's 8 1/2 and Woody Allen's Stardust Memories, this short was shot in black and white on a digital Hi-8mm camcorder. It was a big leap from any other film with complicated characters and a complex storyline. 

Created by David Beatty

Kung - Fu (1998) is  the story of a boy and his Ninja. 

This is just the stupidest, most ridiculous short film Brian and I ever made. So, of course, it's one of my favorites. The only copy I have is on VHS so if you wanna see it we have to get our hands on a time machine and travel back to the 90's to find a VCR. Somebody call Marty McFly!

Created by Brian Walker and David Beatty

LEROY (1998) follows the story of American sensation Leroy Kurtis.  

This short film is an homage to Woody Allen's Zelig. Just about every aspect of the story is either inspired or stolen. Grand theft cinema at it's finest. Shot on 8mm, 16mm and video it's an achievement in versatility and storytelling.

Created by David Beatty.

The Seventh (1998) is a dark a twisted tale of obsession and muder. 

Shot on 8mm film, it's a strange story with a surprisingly whimsical feel. Must have been all the folk music I used. As soon as I transfer it from 8mm to digital, I'll put it up here to see.  Until then you'll just have to take my word that it's genius, absolute genius.

Created by David Beatty

Send In The Clown (1997) is a somber story of the inhabitants of an old dusty saloon and a clown's final journey. 

Shot on 8mm film, this is the second movie I ever made. Many thanks to Brian Walker for helping make the Citizen Kane of movies made in your parents backyard.

Created by David Beatty

Liquidation (1997) Shot on 8mm film, this was my first attempt at making a real movie. Inspired by THX-1138, it's set in a bizarre and weird dystopian future. Great experience to cut actual film, but it's challenging to know what the story is really about. If you figure it out, please let me k now. 

Written and Created by David Beatty