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Actor. Filmmaker. Artist.

White Room_2.jpg

The White Room Nominated for Best Screenplay at The We Make Movies International Film Festival.

Love Monster.jpg

Created for the Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge starring Amy Cosby, Emerson Niemchick, Julie Phillips and David Beatty.

The Favor.jpg

From Flannery Maney & Austin Hughes and in association with the Collaborative Filmmakers Challenge. 

z copy 16.jpg

New short film from Jacob Seidman and Steph Martinez, starring Ryan Bertroche, Katie Liz Robbins and David Beatty

Ten Rabbits.jpg

From the creative mind of Emerson Niemchick - A surrealist bedtime tale about providence, luck, and one's place in the world.


David shoots season 2 & 3 'Bothered' alongside creators Julie Phillips, Emerson Niemchick and Stephanie Martinez.


A visual art odyssey through one man's thoughts as he jostles with the ideas of acceptance, love, identity, and relationships. Created by Emerson Niemchick. 


David works with creator Jaclyn Friedlander and Timothy Riese on 'Beyond' - a short film. 


David joins the comedy gameshow RECAP with Jesse McIntosh, Sam Johnson, and Ezra Parter and discuss the movie TRON.




AMY ROSE PRODUCTIONS presents a film by Krista Amigone Starring Amy Schumacher, David Beatty,Lynette Coll and Whit Spurgeon.


Redline International Film Fest

David Beatty nominated best supporting ACTOR Redline International Film Festival

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