I tell stories that investigate relationships of family, friends, love, social issues and the environment. I'm passionate about the way human beings communicate to each other to solve personal crisis. Whether it's comedy or drama it must be truthful. I like a collaborative work environment that is fun, educational, personal and makes the best of my resources. When finished, I want it easily accessible for anyone to experience.


I work from a combination of curiosity, collaboration, practical application and experience.

I have always valued the idea that creativity is a lot like alchemy - Equal parts fact and fiction, pragmatism and mysticism.

Although there are many ways artists conjure the invisible world of their dreams into the work they create, for me, creativity begins with writing. Regardless of the medium (Acting, Filmmaking, Photography, Ceramics, Painting) ideas begin with words. Often it's incoherent rambling, working through abstract thoughts, but eventually those words articulate my invisible world of ideas into pragmatic, doable actions. For this reason, I have kept an ongoing journal for nearly 30 years, a priceless resource and tool I would recommend to any artist. 



I also have a strong desire to experience the world which has taken me all over the planet including Europe, Thailand, China and India to name a few.

International travel, world culture, opening myself to new experiences and continuing my education are also ways I feed my creativity.

I’ve always been drawn to matters of the environment, social justice, freedom of speech, civil rights, global responsibility, sustainability and the simply philosophy that forgiveness, love and understanding will make the world a better place.

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There is a simple phrase I like that breaks down any preconceived ideas about the complicated process of creating work.


“You create the process and the process creates the work."


It is a simple recipe to creating work. It also helps when thinking about how to create a life in art. And although each artist is unique and their process specific, this phrase encourages me to constantly examine my own process as a pragmatic evolution in creating work.


David Beatty is from Orange County California. He is of Scottish, Irish and Native American decent. (Shawnee Tribe from his maternal grandmother) 

David received a BA from Adams State University in 1996 and a MFA from the University of California Davis in 2005 where he had the privilege to study and work with Dr. Paul Newman, Dr. Carolyn Harper, Della Davidson, Peter Lichtenfels, Rinde Eckert and Anne Bogart.

He also studied at The Beverly Hills Playhouse with Al Mancini and Studio 24/7 with Mark McPherson. 

In 1997 David launched Double Yellow Line Films and through this production company produced dozens of feature films, award winning shorts, short form series, and new media projects. 

David is known for The White Room, The Human Project, The Wasteland, Get Spy, Lien On Me, Criminal Minds, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and his directorial debut feature film Surviving New Year’s.