The Learning Curve

“Comedy/news in the tradition of SNL’s Weekend Update, David Beatty’s Learning Curve reports on the topics of the day with a satirical edge.  Lampooning everything from Self Help to Cryogenics (“A thousand year old fart might kill you”), and shamelessly assigning faux-news epithets (“Cell phone radiation has been known to make your Di#K fall off”) Beatty actually manages to give profound insight from time to time.”    –  Leroy Kurtis

David Beatty’s The Learning Curve will be a welcome addition to your appetite for bizarre humor. There is no doubt this charming alternative comedy original will give you a laugh and teach you a thing or two about how to capture your indigestion in a jar.  The charisma and enthusiasm Beatty has towards his special talent is breathtaking. Quite literally. Breathtaking.- Peter Pinter 

With the world falling apart, nuclear war on the horizon and a political system that has finally hit an all time low it’s great to have good old fashioned fart jar humor bring us back to reality. –  Web INDIE magaZINE