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Practice Makes Permanent

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Every artist I’ve known who is dedicated to their craft has a habit of practicing their art every day. Their practice is specific, it’s repetitive and is driven by a self motivated dedication.

The old adage that ‘practice makes permanent’ is true. Anything you give consistent attention to, over time, will become a cemented habit. Yogis know this because they have been practicing the same poses for thousands of years. Professional athletes have a regimented routine of practice. Opera singers rehearse scales and arias daily. All of these people practice to make their good habits permanent. And while most of us are not training for an Olympic gold medal, we each have our own goals to strive for, and those involve consistent effort over time.

Your daily practice is the foundation of creating art. It is a focused activity, generally performed at the same time, every day. It provides an empty space where your creativity can reassert itself. The action is solitary and process oriented. You are giving yourself the opportunity to spend quality time with your art on a daily basis.

By making yourself do your daily practice, you are learning discipline, commitment and a basic habit that can transform your artistic life. Often through the most repetitive, simple, seemingly mindless actions, the magic of creativity erupts.

All art resides in a moment of practice. This habit allows you to practice your art in it’s simplest form with patience, humility and compassion.

In addition to the practice itself, pause to value each day in the moment. So much of our time is spent aspiring to the next level that we rarely celebrate the moment that we are in. Think of your process as having it’s own intrinsic value. Being present for the daily practice will make you appreciate your efforts that much more.

Practicing most art forms usually means learning a very simple action and then doing it many, many times, usually every day. This kind of practice comes from a reservoir of self directness and devotion.

Actors rehearse, singers practice breathing technique, dancers invent movement, painters practice brush strokes, musicians play scales, writers write, etc.

Practice Makes Permanent.

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