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Point of View

Updated: Jun 21

It’s impossible to break down the creative process and not, at very least, point out the fact that point of view plays a part every single step of the way. It's unavoidable. Like it or not, your point of view is in every single decision you make.

A simple and direct definition includes ‘a particular attitude or way of considering a matter” or “the position from which something or someone is observed”. In addition, point of view can refer to the place or physical position from which the artist or viewer looks at a subject.

In literature, point of view can refers to who is telling or narrating a story. A story can be told in three different ways: First person, second person and third person. The point of view of a story is how the writer wants to convey the experience to the reader.

A play’s point of view could be described through the characters. It’s through characters that you’ll be telling the story and through which the audience will be watching the story unfold.

Fostering an understanding for differing points of view is important in understanding and having empathy in others. Our world is rich with differing cultural, political, and religious points of view.

Point of view becomes apparent every time you make a choice. With each choice fosters a new point of view. Which can feel gratifying because you've made a choice and that brings you closer to the goal. However, when you make a choice it can also be destructive because the very act of creation is destruction.

When you chose one thing you have to say no to something else. You have to eliminate ideas. That's the process of creation. And that process of eliminating choice is destructive. But eliminating choice and standing firm with your creative choice is fostering your point of view.

By making a choice you define your work and you define yourself as an artist. The process of making sharp, critical choices, gives you an identity. The continued practice of making choices will define yourself as a unique artist with a specific point of view.


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