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What's your point of view?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

It’s impossible to break down the creative process and not point out that point of view exists in every decision you make.

First off, what is a point of view? On one hand it's a particular attitude, understanding or opinion you have when considering something. It's also the position from which something or someone is observed, like the way an painter might look at their subject. In literature it's who is telling the story. Could be first, second or third person point of view. Regardless of what medium you work in, a point of view exists in your creation of it. But are you always aware of it?

Do you approach your art with a point of view?

Fostering an understanding differing points of view is important in understanding and having empathy in others. Our world is rich with differing cultural, political, and religious points of view. In exercising your ability to have diverse points of view is also an exercise in understanding the diverse world around us.

Point of view becomes apparent every time you make a choice. Each choice fosters your intention. Each choice makes your work more specific.

When you say yes to one thing you have to say no to something else. Eliminating ideas is cultivating your point of view as much as making specific choices. And I find this particular part of the process best represents the creative and destructive nature of making something. There's a phrase known as 'Creative Destruction' which is destroying the old in order to make way for the new. It's dismantling to be innovative. I like the phrase cause it implies destruction as the process of creation. And it implies progress and growth. It embraces destruction as a positive part of the creative process. It's not the only way to look at it, but it's a point of view.

Making continuous choices that dismantle old ways of thinking in order to make way for new ideas. It's a natural process in the evolution of any artist's point of view.

By making creative choices you define your work and you define yourself as an artist. The process of making sharp, critical choices, gives you an identity. The continued practice of making choices will define yourself as a unique artist with a specific point of view.

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