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Updated: Jun 21

"You create the process and the process creates the work" - Carol Lloyd

The process of creating original work has always been an intriguing topic for me. How an artist evolves an idea from a single thought to a finished artistic piece can range from very complicated to very simple. How each individual artist works their craft, performs their art or creates their universe is as individual as the artists themselves.

The PBS series ART21 is a resource, archive and history of contemporary art. It follows the artist's perspective, documenting their work. Their goal is to raise awareness and encourage creativity. It is also an incredibly wonderful look at how each artist articulates their personal process. It gives insight to how unique each artist works. Although this series follows exclusively contemporary art and artists, it doesn't take long to recognize how easily it translates to other creative mediums.

The documentary film The Creative process chronicles fourteen different artists from all walks of life, revealing their most personal experiences, asking why they make art. And there are many other documentary films to wet your appetite on the creative process. I've seen many and they are all very inspiring.

However, there is a saying that goes like this "Art, like life, is understood through experience, not explanations." And that is also true for discovering your own process. You can watch documentaries or read books but it's not the same as actually doing the work yourself.

No matter what kind of art you create... actor, filmmaker, painter, musician, etc... over the years you start to develop your own way of work. It changes over time, you meet new people, get excited about new techniques and next thing you know, you are on a new path with a brand new process. For me, part of that process is to write down everything I learn along the way. Packing it away in my memory isn't enough, so I keep a journal to remember what works. It's a simple part of the process but extremely helpful.

Unfortunately my journal tends to be a disorganized, scattershot, collection of ideas which are, for the most part, incomprehensible. However, I do believe, I can re-organize those thoughts into chapters and present them here in a more articulate, civilized fashion. And that's just what I aim to do!


David Beatty 

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